Informations for sponsors

Kronberg|er|leben needs and welcomes sponsors. The organizers have a sponsor program to make participation not only meaningful but advantageous:

All participants and sponsors will receive an electronic signet to attach to all electronic correspondence. This will bring attention to the festival and the sponsorship. From July onwards, an awareness program will start with logo merchandise, including lounging chairs, window flags, and magnetic signs for automobiles, made available to all patricipants.

The sponsor program is divided into 4 categories; one Main Sponsor and Gold, Silver, or Bronze sponsors, depending on the size of the sponsorship. These will be announced in the program booklet, Gold Sponsors will also be included on all festival billboards and the front page of the newspaper supplement in “Kronberger Bote”. The Main Sponsor will have the wall of the main stage to advertize his logo. For sponsorships exceeding 1000 €, an exclusive advertising area of 2,40 x 2,60 m at Berliner Platz will be made available.

If you, your business or organisation would like to sponsor kronberg|er|leben, simply call
+49 (0)172 9818470 or send an Email to

Hauptsponsor Gold Silber Bronze
Main Stage* ja
VIP-Parking 10 4
Poster* ja ja
Floor Space ja ja
Banner* ja ja ja
Titlepage Beilage* ja (Titel) ja ja ja
Webseite** ja ja ja ja
Programm* ja ja ja ja
Tischkarten Herbstmarkt Menü ja ja ja ja
Betrag 4500 1500 1000 500